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Business Directory Listing:

Enhanced Directory Listing: $150.00 / year
  • $0.00

Event Listing:

Featured Event Listing:
  • $0.00


Display Advertising:
Full Banner Ad:
(970 x 90) ROS:
  • $0.00
Partial Banner Ad:
(728 x 90) ROS:
  • $0.00
Small Rectangle Ad:
(300 x 250) ROS:
  • $0.00
Large Rectangle Ad (Vertical):
(300 x 600) ROS:
  • $0.00
Large Rectangle Ad (Horizontal):
(600 x 300) ROS:
  • $0.00
Sponsored Content:
  • $0.00
eNewsletter Advertising:
Large Display Ad:
One ad per week for 4 weeks
  • $0.00
Sponsored Deal:
One deal or discount per week for 4 weeks
  • $0.00
Advertising Packages:
Package A: Buy One, Get One Free:
Buy 1 monthly Large Rectangle Ad (Vertical) on and get a Large Display Ad in the e-newsletter for four weeks free!
  • $0.00
Package B: Event Planners Delight:
Buy 4 featured event listings and get 1 free large display ad in the e-newsletter for four weeks.
  • $0.00
Package C: Multi-Location Special:
Buy 1 enhanced directory listing for $150/year and get two free for your other locations for a year.
  • $0.00




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Please advise if you have advertising that you can provide to Focus Waukesha or if you will need assistance to create your ads.

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