Harley-Davidson Recalls 65,224 Softail Motorcycles

September 5, 2023
Photo via Adobe 65,224 Softails manufactured from 2018 - 2023 under recall for fastener issue affecting rear shock absorber.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company has issued a recall on 2018-2023 Softail motorcycle models to correct a potential defect with a fastener that secures the rear shock absorber. the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) was notified of the recall by the company on August 22, 2023 and owner notification letters are expected to be mailed to owners of affected models today, September 5, 2023. In its notification, the company estimated that only 1% of the 65,224 motorcycles under the recall are likely affected.

According to the company, the fastener (P/N 942 or 10200673) may fracture due to fatigue, potentially allowing the rear shock absorber adjuster to contact the rear tire. The risk of crash exists if there is contact between the rear shock adjuster and tire. The recall report indicated that the operator or passenger may detect a noise from under the seat, or notice a loose rear shock adjuster if the seat is removed, indicating a problem. The operator may also notice difficulty maneuvering the motorcycle if the shock adjuster is making contact with the rear tire, and there may be indications of unusual wear on the tire.

Softail models affected have a particular style of rear shock adjuster. Those models (and the number of products affected) include:

  • 2018 – FLDE (2018), FLHC (2917), FLHCS (3504), FLHCS ANV (898)
  • 2019 – FLDE (1858), FLHC (2078), FLHCS (3384)
  • 2020 – FLHC (1896), FLHCS (3713), FXLRS (7073)
  • 2021 – FLHC (1865), FLHCS (3134), FXLRS (5811)
  • 2022 – FLHCS (3957), FXLRS (5186), FXLRST (3990), FXRST (738)
  • 2023 – FLHCS (3014), FLHCS ANV (722), FXLRS (3396), FXLRST (4158)

The production dates for the affected models are June 28, 2017 – August 7, 2023.

Owners of the recalled models will be advised via the letters from Harley-Davidson to arrange service with an authorized dealer that will install a recall kit that includes an increased diameter fastener at no charge to the customer.