200 UW Online Degree Programs Now on New Website

February 7, 2024
UW launches Wisconsin Online with 200 degree programs.

If you have been looking at online universities to get a degree, you may not have considered the Universities of Wisconsin due to their past focus on campus-based learning and the difficulty of finding online programs, which they referred to with the antiquated term, “distance learning.” But times are changing, and it’s good news for Waukesha County learners.

In a signal that UW is finally ready to compete for online students, Wisconsin Online is now available with more than 200 fully online degree programs offered by all 13 campuses. This includes 10 associate, 99 bachelor’s and 95 master’s degree programs. 

“This new website makes it easier than ever for Wisconsinites to find an online degree program suitable to their needs,” said Universities of Wisconsin President Jay Rothman. “It’s a one-stop-shop that showcases the excellent online education our universities offer, and we anticipate that online.wisconsin.edu will especially appeal to adult learners and traditional-aged students who simply prefer to learn online.”

The online programs featured on the website include those that are semester-based, accelerated semester-based and competency-based. Options include:

  • Semester-based online programs are similar to traditionally delivered in-person programs with courses delivered over a 15-week semester. 
  • Accelerated semester-based programs are faster for those in a hurry to get their degree completed.
  • The competency-based programs, called the UW Flexible Option or Flex, which focus exclusively on the learner’s ability to demonstrate mastery over defined competencies. The competency-based programs are self-paced.

Students can search the new website for programs by degree level (associate, bachelor’s, etc.), topic of study or campus. We found the campus references a little confusing, as most users who are accustomed to online education see its location as, “online,” not tied to a physical location. Interested students may want to investigate further to determine what it means to select a specific campus for their online education vs. selecting a “collaborative multi-campus” online program.

The new website will enable the Universities of Wisconsin to market their online programs more effectively nationally and internationally. According to the UW announcement, in the future, the website will also offer online certificates, microcredentials and other “course-to-career” education offerings that serve Wisconsin’s workforce needs.