TheraPure Air Purifier

September 4, 2023
Photo Courtesy of Envion

This summer has been particularly challenging for those of us who have lung problems like asthma, as the Canadian wildfires have been pouring smoke all over our beautiful Wisconsin skies. For most people, it has just been annoying and caused a little eye irritation, but for the more sensitive among us, it’s meant a wheezy summer of excessive use of the rescue inhaler. As much as we try to keep the smoke outdoors, it’s inevitable that some of the hazardous particulate gets indoors. That’s where a good quality air purifier comes in handy.

We purchased the Therapure TPP240D by Envion, which retails for $179.99 with triple action purification that includes an ionizer feature, a cleanable HEPA filter to remove PM 2.5 particles from the air – the most dangerous particles coming from the smoke – and UV-C light technology that helps reduce viruses and bacteria. A photocatalyst filter also helps reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in paint and carpet fumes. This comprehensive purification makes a real difference for healthy indoor breathing, and it has been particularly valuable for us this summer.

The purifier has three fan speeds so you can adjust to suit your needs on the particularly smoky days, and it has a digital control panel with a timer function if you want to set it and forget it. The Night Mode makes it quiet enough to use in the bedroom. We do find the blue light to be a bit too bright for sleeping, so we have to cover it at night, but that’s the only drawback we’ve found.

This model is meant for medium to large rooms and we find it works really well either in our great room or master bedroom. It weighs 10.2 lbs. and stands 26.1” tall. There is a filter indicator to tell you when it needs cleaning. You can find this air purifier at Walmart, Ace Hardware, Home Depot and online. Replacement parts needed occasionally include a HEPA filter (cleanable so it doesn’t have to be replaced much) and UV-C lamp (replace every season for optimal effectiveness). Give it a try if you want to clean up your indoor air from not only the smoke, but also allergens, pet dander and the upcoming germs from fall flu season.

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